We live in a zombie culture. Whether we accept it or not, that’s where we are. And why not? What could be more fitting, more democratic than zombies in an era of hyper-sensitivity and systemic discrimination?

Director and the single most important contributor to modern zombie mythos, George A. Romero, once said, “Zombies are the blue-collar monsters.” Zombies aren’t the elitist arch-dukes out to throw swinging parties, steal your girlfriend and vanish at the break of day, contributing nothing but a parable for existential angst and how terribly difficult it must be to be rich, popular, attractive, etc. (I’m looking at you, vampires). They are the working class of the undead. The ineloquent, but always relevant horde, reminding us of the two eventualities we have in this world: death and decay. In a time of uncertainty, isn’t it high time that the zombie, that time-tested, mother-approved Memento Mori, gets the recognition it justly deserves?

Visiting a blog called Hot Zombie Action proves one of two things: you either accept this fact, or you’ve been seduced by false advertising and curse us for misleading you. For the former, we welcome you and hope we properly respect this culture that we share. For the latter…we’re sorry. Really. Truly. Sorry.

In all honesty, though, we here at Hot Zombie Action want nothing more than to provide exactly what our title says: hot zombie on brain action. From movies to video games, novels to comic books, our goal is to shuffle around the niches and alcoves of pop culture and bring you the most rotten and decayed nuggets we come across. We’re taking the pulse of mass media and making sure it’s cold.

Welcome to the finest in necrophagic spectacle. Welcome to Hot Zombie Action..