dead moon risingWhen a disease transforms most earthlings into flesh-scarfing zombies, it’s all news to Jim and his colleagues at Cheapskate Car Rental, who don’t realize the threat until it falls on their Louisville, Ky., doorstep. While dealing with his crazy ex-girlfriend and annoying customers — not to mention the undead cannibals — Jim must unite the town’s remaining bike gangs to battle the monsters in this comic zombie flick.

Director: Mark E. Poole
Writer: Mark E. Poolw

Jason Crowe … Jim
Erica Goldsmith … April
Mike Seely … Nick
Tucky Williams … Vix
Gary Williams … Dick
Derek Miller … Albert
Kiki Wallace … Myrtle the Church Lady
Jennifer Shank … Sarah the Cop
Chris Albro … Bruce
Jeff Mitchell … Scar
Gracie Maddox … Vicky Mays
Dillon Owen … Young Jim
Warren Maddox … Young Bruce


Dr. Zombie’s Review:

This movie was horrible. It wasn’t funny, the make up sucked, the sound was crap, the story was stupid. I can’t think of a single good thing to say about this movie. I felt 6th graders could have made a better movie than this. I was so glad when it was finally over. If you are only going to avoid one movie this year, this is the one to avoid.