doomedOn television’s new reality series, “Survival Island 2020,” contestants deposited on a remote isle — who happen to be felons facing long stretches in stir — compete for a $50 million jackpot and their freedom. But little do they know that they must first battle the island’s bloodthirsty horde of zombies for the bigger prize of staying alive.

Director: Michael Su
Writers: Patrick McManus, Patrick Sean McManus, Sean O’Bannon

Mary Christina Brown … Sybil (as M. C. Brown)
Steve Cryen … Reese
Sara Diaz … Leigh (as Sarah Diaz)
Desmond Faison … Craven
Aaron Gaffey … Wes
Michael Kehoe … Holagram Host
Andre McCoy … Trey Dog
Tim Piper … Campbell
Ward Roberts … Boyle
Drew Russell … Conrad
Kara Schaaf … Kyra
Vera Vanguard … Contestant / Zombies
Edwin Villa … Benny
Heidi Marie Wanser … Dawn
Monique Yates Jr. … Kuntz


Dr. Zombie’s Review:
What a bore. The action was slow, the plot was lame, I am not even sure who the main characters are. There was hardly any gore. And every so often when somebody punched another person a little red star would appear telling you how many points they got on that hit. As far as I can tell the points don’t mean anything. All the actors were bad character actors, so that helped add a little to the lameness. I think anyone who had anything to do with this movie should be put onto an island full of zombies or thrown in a volcano full of zombies. Either will do, I don’t care enough about these people to decide one way or the other.