One of Troma Studios’ schlock classics from the 1980s, Redneck Zombies is a gleefully tasteless tale of comic cannibalism shot on tape in rural Maryland. When a drum of toxic waste falls off an Army jeep, it ends up as the secret ingredient in a new batch of moonshine. The resulting brew turns those who imbibe it into flesh-eating ghouls. Pity the unlucky Yankee campers who end up on the locals’ menu.

Director: Pericles Lewnes
Writers: Zoofeet, P. Floyd Piranha, Fester Smellman

Steve Sooy … Mental Patient One
Anthony M. Carr … Attendant One
Keith Johnson … Attendant Two
Ken Davis … Mental Patient Two
Stan Morrow … Dr. Kildare
Brent Thurston-Rogers … Dr. Casey
Lisa M. DeHaven … Lisa Dubois
Tyrone Taylor … Tyrone Robinson (The Soldier)
Anthony Burlington-Smith … Bob
James H. Housely … Wilbur
Martin J. Wolfman … Andy
Boo Teasedale … Sally
Darla Deans … Theresa
Joe Benson … Hoss (The Dog)
Bucky Santini … Ferd Mert


Dr. Zombie’s Review:

This is another bad movie, that I just loved watching. Troma does another fine job making a really bad movie that people can enjoy. Lots of gore, lot’s of campy humor and plenty of that Troma magic that makes their movies a blast to watch. This movie was shot entirely on video which just adds to movie. The ridiculous amounts of fake blood in this movie must have kept the local magic store rich. Two warnings though, if you are not a fan of Troma don’t watch this movie and do not watch it sober.