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If you’re looking for a horror movie that will leave a smile on your face, then Parker Finn’s Smile is the horror movie you need to watch.

Smile is a 2022 newly released horror film about a supernatural entity that makes its victims smile. It is fun to watch and will also make your skin crawl, but what more is there to learn about the film? Know more about Smile, including its writer, director, cast, and plot, and also look at some of the film’s reviews.

The eerie-looking movie, Smile features a workaholic character, Dr. Rose, a psychiatrist meeting Laura Weaver, a patient in a psychiatric ward. Laura Weaver, a Ph.D. student, witnessed her professor commit suicide, and after the chilling scenario, she claims to see an entity disguised as other people smiling at her.

Laura eventually gets a panic attack, convulses, and as Dr. Rose calls for help, the patient takes a shard from a broken vase and cuts her throat.

Following the traumatic experience of Laura’s suicide, Dr. Rose tries to ignore what she witnessed, only to experience seeing unexplained smiles everywhere. The psychiatrist starts to wonder if the entity Laura spoke of actually exists and coming for her. Many frightening events haunt Dr. Rose and assume control of her life; however, for her to pull through and the nightmare to end, she has to confront her past.

Movie Info:
Rating: R
Directed by: Parker Finn
Written by: Parker Finn
Theatrical Release Date: September 30, 2022
Runtime: 115 Minutes

Sosie Bacon … Rose Cotter
Kyle Gallner … Joel
Jessie T. Usher … Trevor
Robin Weigert … Dr. Madeline Northcott
Caitlin Stasey … Laura Weaver
Kal Penn … Dr. Morgan Desai
Rob Morgan … Robert Talley
Gillian Zinser … Holly
Judy Reyes … Victoria Munoz
Jack Sochet … Carl Renken
Nick Arapoglou … Greg
Perry Strong … Detective Buckley
Matthew Lamb … Jackson
Dora Kiss … Mom
Meghan Brown Pratt … 10 Year Old Rose (as Meghan Pratt Brown)
Jared Johnston … Orderly Dan
Ura Yoana S├ínchez … Nurse Wanda
Vanessa Cozart … Nurse
Shu Q … Officer Chan
Shevy Gutierrez … Officer Wilkes
Sara Kapner … Stephanie
Steven Strickland … Deputy Sheriff
Kevin Keppy … Nightmare Mom
Marti Matulis … The Monstruosity

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The young Parker Finn is both the writer and the director of Smile, the 2022 American horror film. Parker Finn is also the director of the two renowned short horror films, The Hidebehind and Laura Hasn’t Slept.

In a recent interview, Parker Finn disclosed that his short film Laura Hasn’t Slept inspired Smile. Parker Finn also explained how the idea of turning Laura Hasn’t Slept into Smile spanned out.

The director said although he made Laura Hasn’t Slept as a stand-alone, the short film inspired him to create a larger story. And yeah, that is how Parker Finn’s short film expanded into a separate character story, Smile.

Sosie Bacon leads the Smile’s cast being, Dr. Rose Cotter. In the film Sosie Bacon, Dr. Rose is a therapist who witnesses the bizarre suicide of her patient, making her go through daunting and disturbing experiences. Dr. Rose believes her daunting incidents are supernatural.

Smile’s other casts include Jesse T Usher as Trevor, Kylie Gallner as Joel, Kal Penn as Dr. Morgan Desai, and Rob Morgan as Robert Talley, among others. Additionally, Caitlin Stasey, a star from Laura Hasn’t Slept, joins the cast as a patient, Laura Weaver.

According to reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, Smile successfully delivered the intended message as a sadistically compelling supernatural horror film. One horror movie critic wrote that Smile is the only genuinely scary movie he has watched so far this year and doubts if any other horror film will surpass it.

Another Smile fan noted that Parker Finn proved himself no novice. The director expertly uses space, composition, and camera movement to create and maintain an escalating sense of existential dread.

Overall, Smile is a fun and scary horror movie that will leave a lasting impression.