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Jacqueline Byers stars as Sister Ann in 2022’s latest demonic horror movie, Prey for the Devil.

This movie was written by Robert Zappia, who’s known for Halloween H20: 20 Years Later and Five Days to Midnight, and directed by Daniel Stamm, the director of The Last Exorcism and 13 Sins. They were loosely inspired by the case of Anneliese Michel, a woman who died during an exorcism rite in 2013, along with the strange uptick of people requesting exorcisms from the Catholic church in recent years. Having grown up Catholic, Zappia was particularly intrigued by the statistics.


With Prom only hours away, the usual suspects of Cosa High (cheerleaders, geeks, bad boys and the happy-go-lucky student council alike) are preoccupied with the annual rituals of teendom. On the night of the big dance when the dead unexpectedly rise to eat the living, polar opposite groups will be forced to unite in their final chance to save the town from the Zombies.

In this true underdog tale, Prom will be a night the students remember forever. It just won’t be what any of them had in mind!

Movie Info:

Rating: R
Directed by: Gregg Bishop
Written by: Joe Ballarini
Theatrical Release Date: March 9, 2008
Runtime: 87 Minutes

Jared Kusnitz … Jimmy
Greyson Chadwick … Lindsey
Chandler Darby … Steven
Carissa Capobianco … Gwen
Randy McDowell … Jules
Michael V. Mammoliti … George
Mark Lynch … Rod
Justin Welborn … Kyle Grubbin
Mark Oliver … Coach Keel
Blair Redford … Nash Rambler

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Creating a comedic horror movie is risky business. Most often it ends in utter failure. The movie ends up not being funny or scary ( Weird how they never fail by being funny but not scary or vice versa, it is always not funny and not scary.) It is why I usually groan when I see another comedic horror movie. Dance of the Dead however delivered on both fronts. Now, I wouldn’t rank it up there with Zombieland, Shaun of the Dead, or Fido; I do give this one a partially severed thumbs up. Not the funniest movie I have seen and not the scariest, but it delivered enough to recommend watching it. The script was well written and believable (as far as dialogue, not the whole zombies rocketing out of their graves to attend prom.) And the actors looked like actual teenagers instead of adults pretending to be teenagers. This movie is a prime example that you don’t need to spend millions of dollars to make a good movie. The gore was fantastic, especially for an independent film. I hope to see more movies like this entered into zombie lore.